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Supporting people to be skilled and ready for our digital world

Research Learning Growth


Supporting people to be skilled and ready for our digital world

Research Learning Growth


We are living in an increasingly digitised, data-driven and globally connected world. Jobs in digital technology are being created twice as fast as others and people need to develop new skills to grow, adapt and thrive.

We work to ensure no one gets left behind. We research the ways digital technology can impact people and society for the better and deliver learning programmes for children, young people and adults.

We are passionate about supporting individuals and organisations to harness the opportunities of our shared digital future.


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Research: We conduct applied research to gain a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges afforded by the digital age.

Learning: We deliver programmes that help people develop the digital and human skills they need to adapt and thrive throughout life.

Growth: We support people to grow and reach their full potential. We provide businesses with a capable, agile and adaptable workforce to drive growth.


Who we work with:

Military veterans looking to transfer their skills to civilian roles

Children and young people

Parents and carers

Schools and educators

Community groups

Businesses and organisations

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"The partnership between Corsham Institute and SaluteMyJob proves just how effective working together can be. As part of our shared commitment with Corsham Institute to improve the military transition process and create meaningful employment opportunities for veterans, nearly 200 have now completed our free cyber security training courses."

- Brigadier (Retired) Andrew Jackson, Managing Director, SaluteMyJob

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"The Your Data, Your Rights survey was a really impressive piece of work. The methodology was clearly explained, the results very simply displayed and easily digested. In sum, it was a very professional and useful exercise that informed my knowledge around the important subject of data privacy and data rights."

- Your Data, Your Rights focus group member

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We'd love to hear from you:

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