The UK faces a growing skills gap and evidence shows that this is constraining business and economic growth.  

It’s widely recognised the traditional education system in the UK is struggling to keep pace with our changing digital world. People are seeking, but are not always able to find, learning opportunities that develop their digital skills alongside life skills, such as creativity and problem solving.


Corsham Institute, an educational charity based in Corsham, Wiltshire, is committed to changing this.  

We develop new approaches to learning that complement and enhance traditional education and respond to people’s changing skills needs.


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Who we work with:

Military veterans looking to transfer their skills to civilian roles

Children and young people

Parents and carers

Schools and educators

Community groups

Businesses and organisations

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"The partnership between Corsham Institute and SaluteMyJob proves just how effective working together can be. As part of our shared commitment with Corsham Institute to improve the military transition process and create meaningful employment opportunities for veterans, nearly 200 have now completed our free cyber security training courses."

- Brigadier (Retired) Andrew Jackson, Managing Director, SaluteMyJob

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"The Your Data, Your Rights survey was a really impressive piece of work.  The methodology was clearly explained, the results very simply displayed and easily digested. In sum, it was a very professional and useful exercise that informed my knowledge around the important subject of data privacy and data rights."
- Your Data, Your Rights focus group member
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“Working together, Corsham Institute and RAND Europe have developed an innovative new mobile app, the Observatory for a Connected Society. It brings together the latest research, analysis and expert comment on the impact of digital technologies and the importance of lifelong learning. It provides people with everything they need to know about the most important issues in our digital and changing world.”

- Jon Freeman, Research Group Director, RAND Europe

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We'd love to hear from you:

If you'd like to find out more about what we do and how we can partner with you, please get in touch.