Corsham Institute (Ci) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation, based in Corsham and London. We work to empower people and build trust in technology. We are non-party-political and work with partners across all sectors in the UK. 

Technology is reshaping the world around us. At Ci, we work directly with people and communities to build trust and confidence in the technology and data-driven services they use every day. We inform, educate and communicate, putting digital capability and awareness at the heart of lifelong learning so that everyone can keep up with, and benefit from, technological advances. We test our thinking and pilot new approaches through our community-based programmes.

We use the insight, research and evidence from our programmes to advocate on behalf of individuals and communities. We provide thought leadership and tested, practical solutions to influence policymakers, businesses and service providers on the importance of building public trust in technology and data. We work with them to put the citizen at the heart of ethical, transparent decisions about the application of technology, the underlying infrastructure and the design of data-driven services.

At Ci, we want everyone to benefit from the opportunities digital technology brings, while being able to understand and manage the risks.

Our heritage is important to us, please use this link to find out more.