Our Augmented and Virtual Environment, the CAVE, is a secure space designed to optimise thinking and creativity. It is available for hire and we offer eight hours of free time in the CAVE to developers working on training or educational software in return for holding a copy of the software for demonstration purposes.

The CAVE includes a three-screen Augmented Reality (AR) space and HTC Vive Virtual Reality (VR) headset. It is available to hire for creativity days, training and software development. Digital product developers, programmers and software architects can also use the CAVE for the final testing phase of projects. 


Why use the CAVE?

  • A great space for researching and testing AR and VR technology, and a secure environment for product development 
  • Provides a chance to see and test how people interact with immersive technology
  • Reduces training costs - simulation saves time and money on skills development and practical training
  • Opportunities for scenario testing - experiencing situations that are impossible to experience in real life - or those you wouldn't wantto experience in real life!


We are also keen to share the space with other organisations to run hackathons or to explore ways to develop innovative educational software and training – get in touch if you would like to know more. 


Price list

Please note that day rates refer to eight hours of use.

Charity and Public Sector (with assistance): £250 per day or £45 per hour.

Private Companies (without assistance): £400 per day or £65 per hour.

Private Companies (with assistance): £550 per day or £80 per hour.

Strategic facilitated workshops (with facilitator and technical assistance): £1,500 per day to use the CAVE and £850 per day to co-design the workshop with you.


If you would like further information or to arrange a visit to the CAVE, please email get in touch.