Digital technologies are changing the way we interact with the world, the way we learn, and they are transforming the way young people grow up. Our mission for this programme is to enhance the digital literacy, creativity and safety of children and young people in partnership with our local community.

We believe young people deserve an education in computing that enhances transferrable skills such as problem solving and creativity, which will prepare them for the future world of work. We also believe they need to develop “digital resilience” and “digital citizenship” so they can have healthy, safe and respectful online lives. 

Our Children and Young People programme takes a community approach to support young people to grow their digital skills. We have met with members of the local community, surveyed teachers and young people and hosted a focus group to find out what support people need to make this happen. 


We are developing a range of projects to provide young people with new ways to make and play with digital technologies creatively and safely. We will also be supporting parents and carers, teachers and others working with children and young people with resources, training and events. 

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Our next steps are as follows:

  • Setting up a Safer Internet Day Festival for the local community in February 2019

  • Starting a local code club

  • Working with educators to deliver sessions on resilience, empathy and self-esteem

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