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ISIS, Propaganda and Memory

ISIS, propaganda and memory. After the fall of the caliphate, what happens when young people forget what happened? When ISIS no longer conjures images of torture, beheading and slavery? What happens when our digital memory fades?

Professor Aaqil Ahmed served a controversial turn as BBC Head of Religion and Ethics from 2009 to 2016. In a special extended interview, Ahmed speaks his mind with the Corsham Institute about digital expansion and the rise of radcalism. He covers social media, fake news and media literacy. And finally, he addresses violence and nationalism, and the role the west has in supporting true democracy.

From London, join Charles Kriel for Ci — Countering Violent Extremism.

Dr Charles Kriel presents evidence before the DCMS Select Committee on Fake News and Disinformation

Late last year Ci - Countering Violent Extremism's host, Dr Charles Kriel, presented evidence concerning co-called "fake news" and computational propaganda. He was subsequently appointed as Specialist Advisor to the committee, accompanying them to Washington, D.C. for evidence sessions with news organisation, the tech giants, and members of Congress.

Fake News, Fake Wars, Fake Worlds

You can read Dr Charles Kriel's article, Fake News, Fake Wars, Fake Worlds, in the NATO journal, Defence Strategic Communications. Charles talks about the article in our latest podcast, Immigration and Terror.

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We're here to help you understand terrorism and counter-terrorism. Why people turn to terrorism, taking lives in the name of ideology. Why privileged young men band together in racist gangs to commit violent acts. The difference between violence by state and non-state actors. Why some immigrant communities struggle to integrate. And how to tell better civil society stories, and ward off extremism.

Corsham Institute - Countering Violent Extremism interviews global, government and  community  leaders as well as researchers and activists to help us understand how violent extremism happens online and what can be done. 

Hosted by Dr Charles Kriel, a seasoned field veteran working in fragile states around the planet, Ci - Countering Violent Extremism is your go-to global update on online counter-extremism.