How can digital technologies underpin citizen-powered democracy? 


Digital technologies are transforming the ways in which people interact and relate to others, and how they access and consume information. This, in turn, offers greater opportunities for citizens to participate more directly in civil society and democratic processes. 

In our Thought Leadership consultation, we discussed how progress towards a more effective ‘citizen-powered democracy’ is not straightforward. The increasing prominence of ‘fake news’ and extremist views online signals a shift towards a ‘post-truth’ era where the value of robust evidence is diminished. 

We deliberated how the increasing personalisation of people’s individual online experiences leads to ‘echo chambers’ and ‘filter bubbles’, entrenching rather than challenging their pre-existing views and opinions. 


You can view the briefing paper prepared for our Civic Engagement Thought Leadership discussion here:


The final report of the Civic Engagement discussion can be viewed here: