Communities are often divided. For social, ethnic, economic and a myriad of other reasons.

Corsham Institute’s research in this area focuses on how digital content, traditional broadcast and interactive media, AR, VR, games development, data and emerging platforms can be used for social good, to develop cohesion and to engage and include all citizens.

Our team includes award-winning broadcast television Executive Producers and games developers, digital media experts and community engagement specialists.

We develop solutions for communities to engage with themselves, breaking down barriers and crossing borders. We use digital technologies and develop trusted wall-gardened platforms to strengthen vulnerable, physical communities through building connections, and breaking down silos wherever they exist.

Communities and people are often segregated through the messaging they receive. Newsfeeds are tailored to their own preferences and algorithms reinforce singularity of opinion. The digital world can promulgate isolation and encourage extremism, and new ways of bringing people together through creative and accessible content are vital.

By encouraging individuals and groups to develop and share their own stories in trusted environments, the civic society can be supported and communities can come together and be more cohesive. Digital and traditional media formats can become an active, positive force to overcome the myths of #fakenews and division.

Corsham Institute works with communities themselves to co-create solutions, and encourage the development of the skills needed to tell the counter narrative and dissolve stereotypes.