Earlier this year, Corsham Institute (Ci) celebrated the graduation of the 100th student from a cyber skills training programme run in partnership with the IBM UK Citizenship Programme, IBM Security and SaluteMyJob. On that day, Ci’s CEO, Rachel Neaman, sat down to speak with Enterprise Times about cyber security and, more broadly, the digital skills gap all employers are currently facing. 


In her interview, Rachel discusses the links between digital exclusion and socioeconomic exclusion. She highlights the value of soft skills that are not recognised through formal qualifications and the importance of lifelong learning in a world that is rapidly changing. She says: “When we look at the skills that are needed today, particularly the technological skills, there is a very strong correlation between communities and individuals who are digitally excluded and those that are socially excluded and financially excluded.” Rachel also talks about the need for organisations to be less traditional in the way they approach recruitment. She says “If we don’t adapt the way we recruit, [if] we don’t encourage employers to understand what they really need, we will never be the global economy we want to be.”

To hear more from Rachel, listen to the short podcast (13 minutes) here.