Blog by Nik Hunt, Corsham Institute’s Project Co-ordinator….

At Ci we’re in the beta testing phase of our new innovation space, called 'The CaVE'. 

The Corsham (Institute) Augmented and Virtual Environment brings together research, innovation and reality in an area designed to optimise thinking.

This technology is currently used in a variety of sectors; at MTC it is used by architects and constructors to formulate building plans; at BP it is used to train for oil platform usage. At Welsh Water it is used for touring sites using Google Earth, and at the University of Brighton, VR is used for sports training – timing starts and analysing performance. These are only a few of the endless possibilities, made available through the use of VR and AR.

In our CaVE there’s a work zone with a conventional set up, where a group of people can plan and deliberate, but it’s in the adjacent tech zone where it gets really exciting! You step into a space that has projections on three walls, so that you’re surrounded by a different reality. Although the space is for one person, others can see in, interact and make suggestions from the outside.

There is also an HTC Vive Virtual Reality headset – this is currently a one person activity, however, we are in the process of expanding it for 2+ users.

We’re creating a real eye opening experience to encourage out of the box thinking and dynamic discussion and we’re hoping to work with developers on projects that will deliver Corsham Institute’s vision of a fair, inclusive, prosperous and creative society.

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