Corsham Institute’s (Ci's) partnership with the IBM UK Citizenship Programme, IBM Security and SaluteMyJob to deliver digital and cybersecurity skills reaches a milestone this week, (w/e 9/9/2017), with the 100th MoD veteran graduating from training.

At a press event, attended by national and local media, Corsham Institute highlighted the huge skills shortage that exists in the digital world, where it’s been estimated up to 350,000 more cybersecurity specialists will be needed in Europe by 2022, yet only 17% of tech specialists are women.

The training programme recognises that service personnel have many of the soft skills and capabilities needed to work in the cyber arena, but lack recognised qualifications. Often this can be barrier to finding work on leaving the Forces.

One student on the course this week, who has applied for 100s of jobs, believes there’s a lack of understanding.

“With 18-years service in the military, in what were essentially project management roles, I now struggle with my cv and with applying for jobs, as although I believe I have the experience, I haven’t got the recognised civilian qualifications. This week has given me more optimism."

Julian Meyrick, Vice President, IBM Security Europe said;

“It makes perfect business sense to hire veterans into roles from threat monitoring analyst to penetration tester, security operations centre (SOC) analyst to cyber operations manager. They come with relevant soft skills that are often difficult to interview for. With the right training and investment, hiring veterans can help with the huge challenge of closing the cybersecurity skills gap". 

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With the wide variety of cybersecurity roles that exist today, many of the core attributes and skills needed to succeed in the industry can be developed outside of traditional four-year university degrees. Vocational schools, military veterans' programmes, coding camps, degree apprenticeships and skills-based certifications are all great ways to develop cybersecurity talent, which are often overlooked in traditional hiring and recruitment programmes.

Ci is committed to empowering people to develop the critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills that they need in the digital age and to find ways to go beyond traditional ideas of knowledge and education.

Managing Director of SaluteMyJob Andrew Jackson, knows that;

“Veterans possess the knowledge, skills and experience to become significant assets to public and private sector organisations. These courses are designed to encourage those with the relevant skills to gain a highly relevant qualification at the start of their journey into new careers in cybersecurity".

Our partnership with IBM and SaluteMyJob develops cyber and digital skills and provides the knowledge that creates opportunities for immediate employment. Our ambition is to encourage individual responsibility and build confidence for all the veterans we support, to embed a mind-set of lifelong learning.