Ci today published the full results of the Corsham Safer Internet Survey, carried out with 10 schools across the Corsham area to mark Safer Internet Day 2018.

The survey included responses from over 2000 pupils: 1,243 Primary School and 840 Secondary School students between the ages of 4 and 18 from across Corsham, Box, Neston and Colerne.

Some of the key headlines were as follows:

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  • 36 per cent of 11-18-year old girls have felt bullied online in the last 12 months; in contrast only 23 per cent of boys say the same thing.

  • The average age children got their first social media account was 10.9 years old, despite most social media sites asking users to be 13 or over.

  • 46 per cent of 11-18-year-olds said that Instagram was the first social media account they signed up to, while 14 per cent said it was Snapchat and 21 per cent Facebook.

  • Overall 10 per cent of 11-18-year-olds have ‘felt pressured’ to share a picture of themselves online. Broken down by gender, 13 per cent of girls said they had, compared to 6 per cent of boys.

  • A quarter of secondary school children are using the internet to meet with people they have never met before. 32 per cent of young people at Secondary School said that in the last year they had contact with someone online who they hadn’t met face-to-face before.

  • 30 per cent of 4-18-year-olds admitted they have been “upset or bothered by something they saw online” in the past year

  • 10 per cent of 11-18-year-olds admitted they have treated someone online in a hurtful or mean way in the past year

You can read more about the survey findings here.

Corsham Institute are proud to be working with schools and local groups to ensure the next generation are properly informed about how to use the internet safely. Our programme of activities and events this week will provide information for parents, pupils and teachers about how to reduce the risks posed by online sites and social media and ensure our community enjoys digital technology safely and confidently.

The Corsham Safer Internet Survey results form part of a special exhibition which opens today for a fortnight at Springfield Community Campus, Beechfield Road, Corsham SN13 9DN.

All the schools in the area have also been coordinating special Safer Internet Day activities, lessons, assemblies and parent/carer workshops to help promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology by children and young people.

We’ll be posting a video, produced by Ci 's Creative Team, on this blog showcasing some of the great local school activities.


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