Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its potential impact on the UK has been a hot topic this week, with the publication of the comprehensive report from the House of Lords Select Committee on AI. AI in the UK: ready, willing and able put forward many sensible recommendations, which Ci supports, on areas such as: skills, education and lifelong learning; data sharing and trust; and, fundamentally, the need for AI to be designed and developed for “the common good and benefit of humanity”. Greater public dialogue and engagement is urgently needed – not just on AI and its application in the future, but also on the pace of data-driven change in the here and now. We’ll be returning to that theme next month as we publish the results of our “Your Data, Your Rights” survey and set out the next steps on that work. 

So it’s incredibly timely that, after a successful 2017 event, techUK is running another “AI week”, bringing together news, insight and different perspectives on the opportunities AI can bring to the UK from a variety of leading experts, industry champions and thought leaders. We’ll be supporting this on the Corsham Institute and RAND Europe Observatory for a Connected Society which will feature three exclusive comment pieces next week from: Sue Daley, techUK’s Head of Cloud, Data and AI; Andrew Burgess, a leading expert and author on applying AI in business; and Rachel Neaman, Ci’s CEO. The Observatory already hosts lots of recent research and analysis on AI and related themes, which we’ll be pulling together into handy digests; plus it features all the highest-profile events, conferences and other activities on AI in the UK in the months to come. Do download the app to find out more; and we will also be sharing some of the best of techUK’s “AI week” content there next week too.