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Today, (3 April), Ci has launched a new survey to benchmark individuals’ knowledge and attitudes to their data rights.

With recent headlines dominated by the use of our personal data and the introduction of new rights under GDPR by the end of May, understanding people's attitudes regarding what data is collected, shared and used about them is both vital and timely.

The survey focuses on people who live, work or study in our Digital Corsham community and forms part of Ci’s Communities Programme. It is the initial stage of a longer term project, ’Your Data, Your Rights’, which will use the survey to identify the information people need to help them understand their rights and how and when they can use them. 

With growing public concern around the security and privacy of personal information it’s more important than ever that everyone is fully aware of their data rights and is properly informed about how to act on them. 

The ‘Your Data, Your Rights’ project in Corsham will inform the wider debate and thinking about data rights and the use of personal data.

If you live, work or study in the Corsham area, please take the survey. It only takes 10 minutes.