Looking ahead to our 2018/ 2019 Apprenticeship Programme

It is widely recognised that the education system in the UK is struggling to keep pace with our changing digital world. Young people are seeking, but are not always able to find, learning opportunities that develop their technical skills alongside ‘human’ skills like creativity and problem-solving. 

Corsham Institute recently supported the Techie Awards at Hartham Park and heard from employers across the South West region, who said they had been struggling to find new talent. This skills gap, for young people who can’t find appropriate learning pathways and employers who can’t find the right skills, could potentially be plugged with the help of apprenticeships.

Research by The Sutton Trust this year found that, 2 in 3 young people would be interested in doing an apprenticeship. Despite this, just 41% say their teachers have discussed apprenticeships with them at school. 24% of secondary school teachers think there are enough apprenticeship opportunities at A-level. However, just 1 in 5 of them are willing to recommend these opportunities to their highest attaining pupils. 64% of teachers would rarely or never advise an apprenticeship.

With the high fees of university education, young people are considering alternative routes to avoid the costs and debts. The ‘earn whilst you learn’ concept is a big incentive for most people pursuing an apprenticeship and the government’s 2020 target of 3 million apprenticeships in England hopes to give young people the alternative they’ve been searching for.

Here at Corsham Institute, we take great pride in our Apprentices. Our Apprenticeship Programme has been running since September 2015 and so far we’ve welcomed four young people through our door. They’ve all been a key asset to our team and have provided us with new skills, fresh perspectives and an opportunity to grow local talent.  

In September 2017, we were pleased to take on Sam and Kara as Creative & Digital Media Apprentices. For the last year, they’ve been a core part of our Creative Team and have produced many high-quality pieces of work around digital marketing and creative content. 

Kara, who has now completed her apprenticeship, said “I have really enjoyed my time as an apprentice at Corsham Institute. I was given the opportunity to work on a variety of projects including filming and editing a TEDx talk, photographing and producing motion graphics for an event at the House of Lords, designing infographics for Safer Internet Day and producing fundraising videos. Another valuable opportunity was the time given to us to pursue an independent project, which allowed me to build the coding and design skills I will need in my next job. My time as an apprentice has given me the chance to build technical skills as well as softer office skills. All of this will continue to benefit me in the jobs I have in the future.”


Sam, who has also now completed his qualification, said “My time at Corsham Institute has been completely rewarding, and very enjoyable. There have been so many opportunities, which I haven’t taken for granted. Some of my favourite tasks include shooting a video in Cambridge at RAND Europe’s main office, helping to run social media at the launch of an app at the House of Lords, and shooting and editing a video in Bristol at We the Curious. An apprenticeship, in my opinion, is a fantastic step in the right direction, and has given me the correct skills and workplace etiquette to aide my professional progressionWith an apprenticeship, you really do get out what you put in.”

Both Sam and Kara have now taken the next steps on their professional journeys. We are very proud of their achievements with us and we wish them all the best for the future. Having passionate young people in our team ensures we have a diverse organisation, with a range of perspectives. We look forward to welcoming two new apprentices in October as they begin their journeys.