As part of the Children and Young People programme, Corsham Institute is partnering with Parent Zone to provide resources and support for local teachers in delivering a curriculum on empathy and resilience and evaluating the impact this has. Parent Zone’s mission is to improve outcomes for children in a digital worldThey provide support and information to parents, children and schools, working globally to help families navigate the internet safely and confidently.

Our aim with this partnership is to support local teachers to help their students become good digital citizens who communicate respectfully online and support young people to cope with their increasingly online lives. 

We carried out a survey to find out how we could best support our local schools, teachers and students. Teachers voted ‘activities to boost pupils’ empathy and resilience online’ as the number one priority. Parent Zone have expertise in this area - their Digital Schools’ Resilience and Wellbeing curriculum has been designed to boost children and young people's resilience and help them flourish in a digital world. It follows research highlighting the fact that building digital resilience is a more effective way to ensure children stay safer online, and benefit from the opportunities the internet offers. After discussions with Parent Zone it was agreed that they would provide the materials to our local teaching community free of charge and in exchange we would help to evaluate the resources and their impact. So, we will be working with teachers and students to gain feedback on how easy and useful the resources were to teach with, and how engaging and impactful the content was for the students. 

We will keep you all updated during the process and with the final results.