Transcript of George Freeman, Minister for Life Sciences, on BBC Radio Five Live with Peter Allen 22/1/16 at 11:09 @Freeman_George

“There are some very exciting technologies out there that haven’t yet really been used in Health Care – whether it’s digital apps on your phone for monitoring disease, for empowering patients to hook up with other sufferers, hospitals using wireless diagnostics and wireless telemetry to monitor babies, whether it’s tele-care.

There is some wonderful technology out there that will help us improve health care and improve the patient experience – less journeys to the GP and hospital, less queues, more time at home and it improves productivity for the Health Care system…

For example, I went recently to see a pilot we’ve got with the McLaren Formula One team and the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where children who have had cardiac operations are now being monitored using McLaren’s Formula One telemetry, so that they don’t have to wear devices or wires – the toddlers can walk around and the nurses have 24/7 Formula One level data streams so that any problem with the child is immediately picked up.

We’re doing a similar pilot on the A&E at John Radcliffe Hospital to help the A&E team to work more like a Formula One pit team and be more efficient – this is about using technology to help our health service and to promote NHS leadership in technology.

We’re announcing today the Test Beds scheme in 7 areas - we said we’re prepared to allow companies and innovators, people with technology, to come into bits of our Health Service – we’re not paying for the technology – we’re helping them to come into the system and they can show us how their technology can help patients, help doctors deliver outcomes and help our health service improve efficiency – we’re getting access to this technology free of charge as part of these test beds.

If as we believe will happen, this technology helps us to improve outcomes and reduce costs, then we’ll be in a position to have a conversation about sharing some of those proceeds with the innovators.

This is a ground breaking announcement, that we’re really prepared to bring front line technology to the NHS.”