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Ci launches Thought Leadership Reports at House of Lords

On October 13th 2016, Ci was proud to launch our Thought Leadership Reports for 2016 at a packed House of Lords reception with over 150 guests representing academia, industry, Government and non-government organisations.

Lord Crisp, in welcoming people said that, “this launch shines a light on the benefits and challenges of our connected society” and he recognised the need “for a concerted effort around data privacy and digital inclusion to ensure solutions best serve the public good”.

Our Thought Leadership Reports for 2016 cover Digital Health, Cyber & Resilience, Digital Living and Trust & Ethics and were written after our Thought Leadership Consultations at St George’s House at Windsor Castle.

Jeffrey Thomas, the Founding Chairman of the Corsham Institute, thanked all the participants for engaging in such challenging & insightful debates that had, “created the impetus to address vital issues that the growth of digital accelerates”.

“We need a new framework”, he said, “which we are calling a ‘Digital Charter’, which will outline in clear, accessible language the role and responsibilities that we all have, as citizens and organisations, both in the public and private sector, to support an inclusive, safe and trusted digital world.”

Part of the work to develop a Digital Charter is a call for businesses, Government, organisations, as well as individuals, to find stronger and shared models of ethical behaviour, providing clear guidance on how to behave appropriately in the digital age.

At the Launch, Hans Pung, the President of Ci’s Thought Leadership Programme partner Rand Europe, said that, “the Programme has examined a number of crucial dimensions of our connected society”, and that “digital challenges are not just technical, they affect our social norms, ways of governance and ethical frameworks”.

All of the reports, together with a Key Findings Report summarising the 2016 Programme, are available to download from the Thought Leadership page of our website, together with details of our Programme for 2017.