At Corsham Institute we want to increase young people’s opportunities to get involved with a wide range of digital skills. When people think of computing and technology skills they might typically think of coding, but there are many creative and artistic opportunities out there and we want to give young people the chance to try those as well. The future of work is changing rapidly and young people who are currently in school will be entering a very different job market than the one which exists today. Research from Nesta into occupation growth prospects shows that animation is, in fact, one of the most promising and valuable digital skills of the future. 

On August 15th 2019 we invited local children and young people to Corsham Library for a space-themed stop-motion animation workshop and virtual reality experience.

This event coincided with the space chase summer reading challenge which libraries across the country are taking part in to help young people continue improving their reading skills and confidence over the 6-week break.

Workshop participants grouped together to complete storyboard for their scenes before using card and plasticine to make their backgrounds and characters. Using iPads they then captured multiple images to animate their stories. The workshop was very well received, the participants liked the creative element of the workshop and that they were limited only by their imagination, one attendee commented “I liked that you could create anything you want” and another said “I enjoyed the workshop because it is so creative like I am!”.


This event was so popular we had to set up a waiting list for bookings and due to popular demand we plan to run another one of these workshops in October as part of the StoryTown festival. Details of the next workshop will be on our Twitter page and on posters at Corsham Library soon.

This event was part of our wider Children and Young People programme to encourage digital skills, creativity and safety. Only by tackling the growing digital skills gap head on, will we see the type of change taking place to prepare young people for the exciting careers which lie ahead of them. Visit this page to find out more about our work with children and young people.