Digital Creativity

Digital Creativity connects and blends data and storytelling and emerging technologies to positively impact young people. There are three specific strands within the Digital Creativity Programme:

Data for Creative Change

We're developing an app that interfaces with the products of Ci's enterprise partners, delivering social listening, social media management, and analytics to Government, NGO & community-based teams, as well as journalists working in the interest of the civic society.

We are also preparing for the publishing of a peer-reviewed book of research from leading researchers on media development for vulnerable youth in marginalised communities.

International Media Development for the Civic Society

Working with media centres in Iraq and the Netherlands, we are delivering ongoing independent media training for young people from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Mali, Libya, Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt and Tanzania.

Digital Storytelling

Our programmes are rooted deeply in crafting stories, enabled through the use of data. Our Storytelling programme acts as a facility for many of Ci’s programmes across-the-board. We lead innovation in 360° and VR storytelling, developing unique social-media-delivered short news and documentary works, as well as site specific immersive experiences.

For more information about our Digital Creativity Programme, please email: