How digital currencies and transactions can be harnessed for good 


New digital currency and transaction methods are emerging that could fundamentally change the way individuals and organisations purchase goods and services. 

Distributed ledger technology (DLT, also known as ‘block chain’) underpins new crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin, and other data transaction services. Alternative currencies and different means of exchanging value (whether monetary or in some other form) are emerging in some parts of society as preferential currencies. 

Our Thought Leadership consultation focused on examining the wider implications for governments, regulators, industry, communities and individuals as the popularity and use of digital currencies grow. 

We discussed that all those with a role in the financial system will need to consider the potential impact of these changes on wider society, and how new forms of digital currency and transactions can be harnessed to provide the greatest societal benefits. 


You can view the briefing paper prepared for our Digital Currency Thought Leadership discussion here: 


The final report of the Digital Currency discussion can be viewed here: