Enterprise is knowledge exploitation.

Enterprise, set in the context of being ‘enterprising’, drives the exploitation and application of knowledge for creative problem solving.

Our social impact focussed accelerator programme, elevates technology based ideas to create sustainable, ethical and secure transformation products and services.  We engage with early stage digital products and services that will realise a significant and scalable citizen-centred market and have a strong potential to deliver positive impact on public sector services.

With a focus on trust, security and ethics, providing a platform, partner support and access to 'living laboratories'. Ci acts as the catalyst for early stage digital development and readiness.

Data for Creative Change

Our Data for Creative Change platform delivers social listening, social media management and analytics for Government, NGO's and community-based teams to measure impact.


Ci's Augmented and Virtual Environment (CAVE) brings together research, innovation and technology in a collaborative space designed to optimise thinking, development and innovation.

For more details about our work please email us at info@corshaminstitute.org.