We provide support, training, and guidance to individuals and businesses to improve their digital skills and capabilities. We also conduct research to understand where adoption of digital technologies and use of big data could provide public benefit.

We are committed to understanding what works, for whom and in which context. This is why we integrate evaluation into everything we do, at each stage of the process - from programme development through to dissemination of our findings.

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To innovate and improve. By testing new and existing initiatives, we work to understand how they are implemented and continuously improve our programmes to ensure the most positive outcomes for those we work with.

To measure impact. We assess the impact of our programmes on learner outcomes and investigate how they work for different groups in the community.

To establish what works. We are building an evidence-based understanding of which approaches are effective in achieving their desired outcomes. We do this not only to improve our programmes but also, to provide insights to others working in this space.

See examples of our impact reports below: