Join us as a Ci Individual Patron. Together we can each achieve a greater positive impact on our mission to accelerate an inclusive, connected society. 

With Ci, you can enjoy a mix of very special benefits. These can be constructed to address your personal motivations, desired level of engagement, financial or other contribution.   


Extend your influence through:

  • Shaping Ci’s work and influencing the projects of greatest importance to you. 
  • Networking through invitations to the exclusive Ci Chairman’s Club attended by cross-sector leaders.
  • Participating in half yearly networking and project update events where you can meet the experts and influencers working in specialist areas.  


Inform your thinking and decision-making through:   

  • Access to Ci’s expert, curated research and publications providing an indispensable resource on topics related to a connected society.
  • Ci’s informative newsletter providing news as well as important market updates delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Unique access to a community of experts at a reduced rate. 

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Join us as a Ci Individual Patron and be a part of our community. Together we can build a connected society that works for all.  

For more information on becoming a Ci Individual Patron please view our brochure.

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