The job market is changing rapidly as a result of the fourth industrial revolution. We are now educating young people for jobs that do not exist, and once in employment, the average person will have multiple careers during their working life. We want everyone to able to develop their skills and behaviours continuously, so they can adapt to technological change and thrive.

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Our learning programmes are designed to equip people of all ages with the capabilities to make the most of the digital world.

  • We need to support people to learn throughout life so they can reach their full potential and make the most of the dynamic, digital world.

  • We need to support employers to build the workforce they require to bridge the emerging and widening digital skills gap. 

  • We need an inclusive approach to recruitment to minimise bias in digital technology design.

Our Learning Programmes

Our Children and Young People Programme aims to enhance the digital skills, literacy, creativity and safety of children and young people in partnership with our local community. 


Our Future Skills Programme in partnership with Harvey Nash allows us to deliver Level 4 Apprenticeships in Software Development or Data Analytics Concepts – two of the most sought-after roles in the South West region.


Our VR CAVE facility is a space designed to engage learners and optimise thinking, creativity and teamwork through immersive experiences and technology.  


Our Cyber Accelerator supports adults with training programmes in cyber security. This benefits industry by helping to plug the skills gap and helps individuals by offering opportunities into well-paid, highly skilled jobs.