Final - Catherine-01.png

Catherine Knivett

Interim Chief Operating Officer

Final - Elairie-01.png

Eleri Burnhill


Final - Marie-01.png

Marie Arnall

Creative Team Manager

Final - Olivia-01.png

Olivia Wolfheart

Project Manager, Children and Young People

Final - Connor-01.png

Connor Hicks

Junior Content Producer

Final - Imogen-01.png

Imogen Lux

Junior Content Producer

Final - Martin New-01.png

Martin Head

Programme Director, Communities and Director of Content

Final - Zoe-01.png

Zoe Fortune

People and Operations Manager

Dave Thomas-03.png

David Thomas

Research Chair – Digital Cultural Heritage, and Technology Director

Final - John-01.png

John Hall

Research Chair – Human Performance Informatics

Final - Natalie-01.png

Natalie Blight

Junior Researcher


Dr Charles Kriel

Research Fellow – Data, Ethics and Trust