Research is knowledge creation.

The place where technology, culture, learning and policy intersect and new ideas and solutions are developed.

Ci’s research enables systematic inquiries with the resources necessary to investigate hypotheses, suggest new interpretations and the application of data, with the space to pose new questions and challenges.

We advocate, inform, and through our Thought Leadership events, salons, workshops and seminars develop, adapt and promote policies to achieve our vision of a fair, inclusive, prosperous and creative society based on trust and security.

Through a series of Thought Leadership events, developed in conjunction with RAND Europe and delivered in partnership with St George’s House at Windsor Castle, we have brought together experts from academia, industry, government and non-government organisations from the UK and around the world.

To date these events have explored: Trust and Ethics, Cyber and Resilience, Digital Living, Digital Health, Education, Open Science, Currency and Civic Engagement.

This year’s conference proceeding reports are being prepared, ready for launch at the House of Lords in October 2017. 

However, our 2016 Key Findings Report includes these 5 strategic themes:

  • The need to re-balance the control of data
  • Placing equality and inclusion at the heart of the digital debate
  • Recognising the impact of digital to the world of work and skills
  • Awareness raising and behaviour change
  • An increasing reliance on automation.

Click here to watch a video about our 2016/7 Thought Leadership events.

To download our 2016 Key Findings Report, please click below: 

The full reports on each topic covered by the consultations can be found by clicking on the themes below.


We are a partner in one of the current NHS Test Beds. The Digital Diabetes Coach is an innovative programme being led by the West of England Academic Health Science Network (WEAHSN) with Ci, Diabetes UK, Hewlett Packard, all 7 CCGs in the area, amongst them the Royal United Hospital and North Bristol NHS Trust and a consortium of best-in-class digital providers. The funding is provided from Central Government, via Innovate UK.

The project allows healthcare commissioners, hospitals and community providers to work with a number of companies to experiment with and evaluate different innovative approaches and technologies for diabetes, to 'enable every citizen to self-care in their own way to the benefit of their physical and mental health’.

Bringing together mobile health self-management tools (wearable sensors and supporting software) with the latest developments in connecting monitoring devices (Internet of Things), the Test Bed enables people with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes to 'do the right thing at the right time' to self-manage their condition.

For more details about our work please email us at