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Ci’s Research Programme is about knowledge creation. 

It’s where technology, culture, learning and policy intersect and new ideas and solutions are developed. 

As technology-driven change accelerates, it is transforming all parts of our daily life: from how we communicate and receive news and information, to how we shop, bank and access public services. It brings huge opportunities, but also significant challenges. 

We see these changes from the perspective of citizens. Our research programme focuses on the education, ideas and knowledge citizens need to embrace and adapt to changes created by our networked and connected society. 

Our research is rigorous and dependable. We draw from evidence, events, partnerships, our Thought Leadership consultations and our own projects to test, develop and adapt ideas. 

We provide opportunities to participate and shape our research and policies. We give policymakers, leaders and innovators a unique insight into the developments that matter. We contribute to the most important public policy debates, supported by published papers, blogs and commentary. 

For Ci, our research informs our approaches and policies that advance a fair, inclusive, prosperous and creative society based on trust and security. 

The Observatory for a Connected Society

The Observatory for a Connected Society is a platform and app, developed in partnership with RAND Europe. It’s a one stop shop to 'connect your thinking', and for you to access the latest research, analysis and comment from leading experts on the impact of digital technologies, services and tools on society.  It’s free to download below.  You can also follow @ConnectedObs for updates.



Rachel Neaman, Ci’s CEO, and Hans Pung, President of RAND Europe, talk about our work. 


Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, talking about the Observatory for a Connected Society. 

To inform your thinking, decisions and actions, the Observatory includes: 

● Authoritative, curated news and research in one place; 

● Analysis and insights based on the latest evidence, case studies and data; 

● Commentary from high-profile thinkers, sector leaders and subject matter experts; 

● Details of the most important upcoming events, conferences, consultations and other activities. 

Thought Leadership

Since 2016, Ci has delivered an annual Thought Leadership programme, developed in conjunction with RAND Europe and delivered in partnership with St George’s House, Windsor Castle. Over 200 representatives from industry, academia, the not-for-profit sector and government have participated in the programme to date. Our discussions have covered many of the most pressing issues we face as a society and drawn out forward-looking recommendations for policymakers and others. 

You can find more details on each of the Thought Leadership Programme’s topics, including the conference proceedings, reports and background briefing papers, below: 


2017 Topics:

2016 Topics:

Each year we also publish a summary report, bringing together the emerging themes from all the discussions and drawing out recommendations. 

You can download the summary reports below: 


Click here to read our news post covering the summary of our findings from our 2017 Building our Connected Society report.