Building trust in a more informed digital society

With the majority of citizens now purchasing goods and services online, and providing significant amounts of personal information in order to do so, data has become a critical economic resource for many organisations. 

Citizens, however, often remain unclear about the data they are giving away every time they make a transaction (financial or information) or how this data is subsequently used. In all online transactions, an acceptance of terms and conditions, which describe how your data will be used, is required. 

Most users, however, typically accept such terms and conditions without fully understanding what they are actually consenting to. 

In spite of these issues, it is important to recognise the many advantages that sharing personal data creates. These range from allowing purchase preferences to be accessed and product recommendations to be made efficiently, through to more strategic benefits such as using real-time data to better support policy making. 

During our Thought Leadership consultation our discussions explored how citizen trust can be strengthened across society, so people can share personal data to the benefit of us all, with confidence. 

You can view the Trust and Ethics Report here: