Our mission is to find the most effective ways for people to learn, adapt and thrive in our continuously changing digital world. 

We work in partnership with communities, businesses and other organisations to develop learning programmes that support people to develop digital skills alongside human skills such as creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. 

We conduct applied research to understand the challenges and opportunities afforded by the digital age. Our aim is to understand how responsibly sourced data and people-focused digital technology can impact people and society for the better.

We take a user and employer-led design approach and evaluate everything we do to build evidence of what works and what doesn’t. We use this evidence to inform and influence others.

We deliver our work in five stages:

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Our core values and behaviours define the way we work. They are important to us as an organisation and are vital to us in achieving our mission. Click on the words to find out what they mean to us.

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+ Collaboration

We value teamwork and collaboration across multiple teams and organisations to ensure we can learn from each other, make the most of our skills and capabilities and deliver the best possible social impact.

+ Ingenuity

We value creativity and ingenuity in finding new ways to solve problems and to help people learn. We believe that learning should stimulate creativity and provide opportunities for people to think critically and solve problems to enhance their human skills and help them reach their full potential.

+ Empathy

We value empathy – in understanding people’s situation, feelings and motives so that we can provide the best solutions to help them to learn and achieve their full potential. We believe that empathy in leadership is essential for all organisations to behave ethically – so that the interests of the people who use their solutions are considered and protected.

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+ Trustworthiness

We value honesty and integrity to ensure that we instill confidence in our trustworthiness. We believe in the huge opportunities digital technology brings, provided it is used in an ethical way to enable people to have trust it and in the organisations that provide it.

+ Social Equity

We value equality and diversity but believe that we need to go beyond that to go the extra mile for people who need more support, so that we can achieve social equity.

+ Community

We value the community we work in – both geographical and the broader community of ‘tech for good’ companies and charities who are looking to deliver a better outcome for people. We recognise that we are one part of a greater whole which leads to sharing, collaboration, participation and fellowship with others to enable delivery of greater positive social impact.



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