On average, tech jobs pay 36% more than the national average and they are being created twice as fast as others. But there are low numbers of women taking up these opportunities. We want to change this. 

We are planning a programme to support more women with training and apprenticeships in software development, data analytics and cyber security from 2019 onwards. 

These will be open to women who want to re-enter the workforce after a break, or upskill and retrain for a new career. We will have a range of options from short, intensive courses that run for a week or more and 12-15 month apprenticeships where you earn and learn on the job. We will also offer online learning with face to face support sessions for women who cannot commit to time away from caring duties or work. 

We are working in partnership with a wide range of employers to identify their skills gaps. If you are an employer looking for new tech talent please get in touch via info@corshaminstitute.org