An understanding of how personal data is used and shared is a key part of building people’s digital skills.

Our Your Data, Your Rights project explores people’s attitudes towards their personal data and what knowledge and skills they need to make informed, safe decisions about how their data is managed.

We co-designed a survey with the Corsham community and subject matter experts in partnership with MyLife Digital as part of the Discovery stage for this programme. The survey asked people what they thought about their personal data and how it is used by the organisations that they share it with, as well as what they knew about their data rights and how to use them. 

Overall, our research showed that most people lack essential knowledge about their personal data, and how organisations collect and use it. However, they care a lot about this, are very interested in their data rights and want more information. You can read more about what we learned on our Your Data, Your Rights results page.

Our results aligned very closely with research conducted at a national level. Our blog, ‘Personal data: how much do people know or care?’ reports on these trends in more detail.

We have now started to design the Delivery phase of the project with the local community, holding workshops and bringing together a focus group to look in detail at the next steps. For more details read our latest blog on our community engagement.


We are keen to work with people in the Box, Colerne, Corsham, Lacock and Neston areas. If you are interested in joining the focus group for this programme, please get in touch.