Corsham and the surrounding area is the centre for Corsham Institute’s work to find practical ways to build more connected communities. An understanding of how personal data is used and shared online is a key part of building a digitally literate, inclusive and confident community and why we have developed the Your Data, Your Rights (YDYR) project. 

On 25 May 2018, new rules will come into force across the EU that will redefine people’s data rights. These rules - the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - will change how UK organisations can use the information they hold about people and give new and enhanced rights to individuals regarding the access, handling and storage of their personal data.

With more and more of our daily lives conducted online, it’s crucial that regulation is catching up. But many people don’t know or understand how their data is currently used and shared, what their data rights are, or how to use them. 


From local to regional to national

With the Your Data, Your Rights project, Ci is exploring people’s attitudes and knowledge about their personal data including what GDPR will mean on a practical level in their everyday lives, and what people need to make informed, safe decisions about how their information is managed. 

At a local level, our Your Data, Your Rights project is working closely with people who live, work or study in the Digital Corsham® community area, including Box, Colerne, Corsham, Lacock and Neston. Our aim is to help people develop their understanding of personal data and data rights using an approach that is co-designed and co-produced by groups within the community itself. 

Ci will use what we learn from the Your Data, Your Rights project to inform other communities in the South West region, and across the UK, and to influence the national debate on trust and the use of personal data. This means that our national policy work will always be informed by evidence from community voices.


Your Data, Your Rights survey 

Stage 1 of the project was an online survey in partnership with MyLife Digital. The survey was designed with the input of MyLife Digital, other experts and local people and ran for three weeks in April 2018. We asked people what they thought about their personal data and how it’s used by the organisations that they share it with, as well as what they knew about their data rights and how to use them. 

Ci involved Wiltshire Police’s community network, local schools, the Ministry of Defence, Corsham Chamber of Commerce, the local Health and Wellbeing Group, the Corsham Area Board and Corsham Town Council to raise awareness and encourage participation. We reached out to the whole community in a number of ways, from a podcast and posts on community social media to more traditional leaflets and posters. 


Survey results

Overall, our research shows that most people lack essential knowledge about their personal data, and how organisations collect and use it. However, they care a lot about this, are very interested in their data rights and want more information. You can read more about what we learned in our results by clicking the button below.

It’s interesting to see that many responses align almost exactly with similar findings from research conducted at a national level.  ‘Personal data: how much do people know or care?’ explains the similarities, and some differences, with national research on data and trust. 


Working with you

Ci is looking for people who live, work or study in the Corsham area to work with us on a number of projects starting with the design of the next stage of the Your Data, Your Rights project, exploring the themes revealed by the initial survey. 

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact us at communities@corshaminstitute.org


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